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        Warehouse service

               Based on the thin film/air bubble film/paper box which are researched and developed by Jiuheng and understanding to e-commerce warehouse, Jiuheng group realized rapid and low cost packaging and delivery according to different product types and delivery requirements and combining with automatic packaging and automatic sorting from warehousing automation. Its wms system can make customers grasp warehouse and delivery data in time. 


        Sorting service

                2017年,九恒與如風達達成戰略合作,由九恒投資建設日分揀能力24萬件的分揀中心, 承接如風達華南區快件的分揀外包服務。此項目的合作,標志九恒正式進入物流外包服務領域,與客戶攜手合作、專注于服務,助力物流自動化、智能化。
                In 2017, Jiuheng and Rufengda reached a strategic cooperation that Jiuheng was to invest and construct a sorting center with a daily sorting capacity of 240,000 pieces and undertook sorting outsourcing service of Rufengda in the south area. The cooperation symbolized that Jiuheng formally entered into the logistics outsourcing service field, cooperated with customers and focused on service, and contributed to logistics automation and intelligence.


        Matching supplies

               Package sir bubble film and thin film for automatic packaging machine; electronic engineering, anti-counterfeit label; printer, woven bag, cycle set package, safety lock.